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Q & A

Do you offer financing?
Yes we can! Please ask for details. Send me the calculator!

What size SteelPads can you offer?
Usually 6 or 12 m in length and 2.4m wide on the exterior. We use high cube containers which are 300mm taller and give a much more airy feeling.

Stacking and joining
We can stack and join containers together lengthwise or widthwise to increase the space.

How new are the containers?
We use one trip shipping containers; these are new and have been sent fully laden from China once before we purchase them. They may have minor dents and scratches. They are waterproof.

What is there life expectancy?
A new container should last up to 50 years. It may require some upkeep over time such as painting.

Ventilation and insulation?
Shipping containers are manufactured with vents on the upper portion of the side walls. We also have trickle vents in the windows and can offer air conditioning system which regulates the temperature.

They have been sprayed with a substance to prevent condensation. The paint used on the exterior of the container also helps prevent damage caused by condensation. The roof of a new container is slightly bowed to give an upward arc so that external water does not lie on the roof.

We have 100mm rock wool in the ceiling and 25mm insulation board in the walls and floor. The glass and framework have house specification U value.

Accessibility and delivery
We can organise delivery on a beavertail or HGV depending on access on site. Your SteelPad will be unloaded by an on board HIAB (crane) which can position your SteelPad within 17m of the vehicle.

For more difficult positions we can offer our purpose built ex-military container mover which can move 20 or 40 ft containers over difficult terrain. With hydraulics and air it can be lifted to clear most obstacles and with the right ground conditions we can locate your container in most landscapes.

Water feed (25mm)
Electric (63 amp external IP rated trailing plug or similar)
Waste to septic tank, holding tank or sewerage
These will need to be brought to the service corner of your SteelPad.

You may wish to consider laying a concrete base/pad or simply place concrete slabs at each corner of the container. Containers rest completely on the corners, with the bottom rail raised slightly off the floor. Four concrete pads placed under each corner will help to level the container and avoid sinking, or rather ‘racking out’ which can prevent the bifold windows from working correctly. Additional pads under large opening windows is advisable.

External finishes
These are numerous and we can spray your SteelPad any colour you wish. Alternatively we can clad with larch, acrylic mirror or even decorative panels.

Horizontal wall bed
Banquette with drawers
Bunks with shelves
Sofa bed with pull out table
Shaving point
Over storage
Ready to let package - Full furniture package including foldable chairs, cutlery, crockery, pans, pillows, duvet, sheets, towels
Star light LEDS in black ceiling
Solar exterior lights
Bespoke interior finish
Bluetooth speakers
Additional concertina opening window/s or pocket slider
2m Brise soleil
Exterior mounted wood stove
Off grid services – generator / bio loo
Railed roof terrace with access ladder
Alternative exterior paint / wood finish
External sliding shade screen
Recessed / covered end entrance

External Dimensions

SteelPad external dimensions