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SteelPad Garden Room / Pool House

SteelPad 20 Garden Room can also have shower room or mini kitchen added if you wish. It has a large 4m bifold window and a fixed end window as standard.

Key Features

  • 20 ft
  • Fully insulated
  • Painted wood flooring
  • Green or blue exterior finish
  • 4 m bifold windows
  • Dimmable LED
  • Panel Heater
  • 3 x double sockets and cat 5 Plug in electric (attaches to waste and water)
SteelPad 20 Pool HouseSteelPad 20 Pool House


  • Horizontal wall bed
  • Sofa bed with pull out table
  • Over storage
  • Mirror pull down table
  • Mini commercial kitchen with fan including combination oven / microwave and fridge with freezer drawer
  • Mini kitchen with fridge and sink
  • Kitchen shelving
  • Basin with mirror
  • WC
  • Shaving point
  • Towel rail
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Star light LEDS in black ceiling
  • Solar exterior lights
  • Bespoke interior finish
  • Removal of container doors
  • Additional bifold window/s or fixed window/s
  • 2m Brise soleil
  • Exterior wood stove
  • Railed roof terrace with access ladder
  • Alternative exterior paint
  • External sliding shade screen
  • Blinds
  • Air con / heat
  • Wi-Fi
  • A++ Smart TV

SteelPad 20
Length: 6.06m
Width: 2.44m
Height: 2.89m

SteelPad 40
Length: 12.19m
Width: 2.44m
Height: 2.89m

We can bespoke this SteelPad to suit you!

Designed and constructed according to your needs

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"Beautiful space, feels like you’re in a luxurious hotel room in the middle of nature."